Manchester Half Marathon 2018

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Another early start for the Awol team at the Manchester Half Marathon with the photographer briefing at 8am, once that was out of the way it was time to focus on the runners.

There was a real buzz around the start area with lots of runners going thru their final preparations for the race and then yep you guessed it the rain started. Like other events, this has little effect in dampening the spirits of all the runners.

As the thousands of people went over the start line and started the race it was time for the Awol team to head to the finish line and set up some new software that we were trailing.

The software would connect to one of our static cameras at the finish line and take a photo every second, once the photo was taken it was sent to a computer and run thru the software, the software would resize the image and upload it live to our website in an impressive time of fewer than 5 seconds. This meant that when someone had crossed the finish line, by the time they had stopped their watches the finish photo was already live on the Awol Adventure website. This software trial was a huge success and really shows how far we can take our tech and involve it at future events.

You can view the automatic camera album here

It was great being at the finish line seeing the runners crossing the line with faces of joy and the occasional shout of happiness, the whole event was amazing from start to finish and some long-standing records from previous events were broken.

Once the race finished it was back to Awol HQ where we compiled all of the images taken and set the process in putting them live. By 12pm the day after the race all of the race photos were live online and available for purchase, this shows how quickly and efficiently the Awol team are when it comes to event photography.

Well done to all the runners, organizers and volunteers for such an amazing event.

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